Charity Fundraising Tennis Balls

Charity Fundraising Tennis Balls

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This month we are raising money for the Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue UK.


This Charity is close to our hearts at Marlow Dog Boutique as this is where our beautiful Amber came from and the inspiration behind Marlow Dog Boutique would not be here without her!


So Marlow Dog Boutique have partnered up with the Living TENNIS which was founded in 2012 by Tennis owner Paul Delgado who then formed a partnership with Martin Lee, Jamie Delgado and Johnny Delgado.​ to recycle they’re Professional Tennis Balls.

Why have used Tennis Balls when you can buy new, I hear you say? These balls are used only by professional Tennis players at the Living TENNIS Club so they are discarded after 2- 3 games of use that’s approximately 6 hours.
So, the balls are pretty much brand new and you will be raising money for a great cause & doing your bit to help reuse and recycle.


Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue UK


Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue has been established not only to offer a home to any Frenchie (or crossbreeds thereof) in need, but also to educate the public on this wonderful breed, promote good ownership and to help keep Frenchies at home with their families wherever possible. We will never turn away a dog in genuine need unless there are extremely exceptional circumstances.


All funds are raised by unpaid volunteers who are always on hand and willing to go that extra mile. We are always on the lookout for more volunteers to help us with fostering, road trains, and fundraising, so please do get in touch if you can help. 

Company sponsorship, adoption fees, Facebook auctions and raffles, and event attendance are just some of the ways we raise our funds and promote education of this wonderful breed. We are extremely proud to be members of the Affiliated Kennel Club Breed Rescue, ADCH (Association of Dog and Cat Homes) and Dog Welfare Alliance.


Phoenix Vet Fees
Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue, regd charity no 1171943, rescued over 140 French Bulldogs last year alone – and helped to rehabilitate many more simply by providing support and education.
We expect our monthly vet bills to be around £3000 but any large procedure can push that amount much higher:  Lupin needed double heart valve surgery, costing almost £4K but now has a full, happy and healthy life; many rescued dogs need palate surgery to improve their airways, at around £600-1000; Frenchies have notoriously narrow ear canals and often need ear canal surgery at around £600-800 per ear.

All are neutered before adoption – males cost around £120, females around £160-180.  Vaccinations usually need restarting at around £50-60 for a course.

We see more and more dogs affected with demodex (see below) – an awful condition leaving their skin red-raw, itching and cracking, with terrible fur loss and an horrid smell, caused by mites livng in their skin.  This is truly horrible but can be mended with medication, time and love.  The latter are free, thanks to our fabulous volunteers, but the medication is more costly.

And so much of this is standard and does not include the flea and worm treatments, anti-anxiety remedies for the traumatised (many more of these are being seen), regular vet check-ups, the surgeries for any injuries, antibiotics …. the list is endless.

With your help we can concentrate on the dog, and not the costs, to make sure we give them the very best care to set them up for their Forever Homes and the lives they truly deserve.  We never want to find ourselves in a position where we cannot treat a dog purely on financial grounds, but that could happen.  

Please help us to help the Frenchies, they need you now more than ever.


Thank you


Founder of Phoenix FBR