Brand Ambassadors

Become a Brand Ambassador for
Marlow Dog Boutique

Here you can find information on what it takes to be one of our Brand Reps and how you can apply for the role.

Brand Rep Duties and Perks

Becoming a Brand Rep is a very flexible role. As a brand rep you will be expected to:


  • Promote our products in a positive manner - the amount of promotion you do is entirely up to you.

  • Take part in our IG posts – Promoting our products with images and videos and including @Marlowdogbo or #Marlowdogbo raising our profile.

  • You will be offered occasional extras - this may be us asking to promote a specific product or web page etc. but these are optional

  • Be active on social media daily - we appreciate holidays and occasional missed days, but active as a general rule

  • Engage with your followers and those that you follow regularly

  • Engage with our page regularly


The perks that come with being a brand rep:


  • 15% discount on all Bedding and 10% on all Accessories for personal use - this is to be used only by yourself for personal purchases

  • 5-10% discount to share with followers, friends and family. This percentage will vary dependent on Sales Revenue.

With this role we obviously expect people to be kind, friendly and helpful. We will not tolerate bullying of any kind within these roles and contracts will be immediately terminated if any such incident were to occur. We do not expect our brand reps to be treated with disrespect, nor our potential customers. If you are not someone who can handle a situation in a mature manner then unfortuantly this position will not be suited to you. 

Still interested in becoming a Marlow Dog Boutique Brand Rep then please email with the below information.



Dogs Name/s


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Reason to why you think your Dogs would be a great Brand Ambassador?

Lots of Love


Katherine & Amber x